3 Questions Every New Client Asks Me

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As a newbie we all have queries. Prospects who enquire about my transformation program usually have many questions. Today’s blog addresses 3 common questions every new client asks me. If you too are planning to join my transformation pack, read on to know more about some common queries and their answers. 

Is the diet keto, intermittent fasting or restrictive?

No, none of my diets is keto, intermittent fasting or restrictive. My diets are personalized as per your body and needs. One thing you need to note is that when someone is on my diet plan they shouldn’t be feeling hungry 

How much time will it take to lose weight?

There is no definitive answer to this question. We are all unique. Hence our bodies are different and they respond differently to diets. The results can vary for every person. So what might be your timeline might not be someone else’s. So you can’t put a timeline to it and expect results. Although, I can give you a rough estimate. When on my diet my clients lose anything from 4-15 kgs in a month or 3-month transformation program. Please note that when you look at the before and after pictures of someone who has lost 4 kgs you will see a world of difference. This is because my focus is fat loss and not weight loss.

How much time did it take you to lose 30 kgs?

Well, that is a secret I only tell my clients. So come and join my transformation program to find out. 

Those were the common queries. I hope they have helped you gain more clarity. If you still have any more queries, feel free to reach me. 

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