3 Tips to Reduce Period Bloating

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Today I am going to talk about that time of the month and the troubles that tag along. One common problem for most women is bloating. So ladies, if you too are having trouble navigating through bloating, this blog will help you with some easy yet important tips. Read on to find out.

Add Turmeric to Your Diet: A staple in every Indian household, Turmeric is a wonder ingredient. Its properties help reduce inflammation. This helps pacify the digestive system and alleviate the effects of bloating.

Hydrate: I cannot emphasize enough on this one. Hydration is key to a healthy body. Whether you are on your period or not, drink lots of water every day. This helps alleviate bloating. Also, it is advisable to cut caffeine intake because caffeine causes dehydration.

Exercise: Exercise regularly! Yes, you read that right. Even low-moderate intensity of regular exercise can help you mitigate bloating effects.

So those were the three easy tips to reduce period bloating. They are easy, but you need to be consistent to see results. So get started and keep going.

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