3 Ways PCOD Can Make Normal Life Difficult

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are keeping well. 

A common condition that most females battle today is PCOD. Today I’m going to spread some more awareness about this and articulate how PCOD can make normal life difficult. So read on to find out. 

Facial Hair: Some people have extreme effects like facial hair. The sad news is that this hair is hard to get rid of. You may take precautions and remove facial hair, but it can still show up.

Hunger Pangs: Cravings are normal here. Even if you have eaten a complete meal, you might still feel hungry and this can confuse or demotivate you. 

Constant Fatigue: No matter how long you’ve slept, be it 8 or 10 hours you can still feel tired. This can again demotivate you and make you feel lazy.

If you want to make your life with PCOD easy and manage this condition with just diet and not medicines I have a plan for it. DM me and I’ll help you out.

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