3 Ways to Not Overeat and Satiate Your Cravings

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When it comes to eating your favourite meals, we all continue to devour food even after we are full. In fact, once in a while, you are allowed to enjoy delicious food. Although, one needs to keep their portions in check. While it is fair to satiate your cravings, ensure you do not overeat. Eating a lot in one sitting can have many negative effects on your weight. Overeating being one of the major reasons for obesity, can lead to critical health conditions.

To curb your eating portion, you need to train your mind. Following certain healthy habits can go a long way in practicing mindful eating. When it comes to eating outdoors, it is advisable to adapt these three hacks that can help you get through a delicious time without a lot of compromise on health. So without further ado, let’s straight jump into the tips and tricks.

Eat Slowly:​ The food that you chew usually takes 15-20 minutes to reach your stomach. When you consume food quickly you usually end up eating more than your capacity and feel full at the end of the meal. Eating slowly gives your brain time to realize when the stomach is full and in turn, sends cues to stop eating further. It is advisable to take small bites and have a few minutes gap between 2-3 morsels.

Drink Water or Buttermilk Before Your Meal: ​Drinking a whole glass of water or buttermilk before a meal helps give a sense of fullness. When you sit down to eat your meal after consuming either of the fluids, you are likely to eat less food and still feel satisfied. Throughout the day as well, you should always stay hydrated and drink 8-9 glasses of water. There is nothing better than water that can take you closer to your fitness goals.

Use a Smaller Plate: ​A large portion of your meals can be reduced if you just serve food on a smaller plate. When the eyes see large volumes of food, you tend to want to consume it all. Hence, replacing your large plate with a smaller one is where you can trick your mind. Just halving your plate will make you consume smaller volumes and help you feel satisfied at the same time.

So the next time you plan to grab some lunch or dinner with friends and are worried about overeating, follow these easy tips. Each of them is effective and when adhered to regularly can come a long way in your fitness journey. Try them out and do tell me your experience in the comments below.

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