5 Easy & Effective Exercises you can do at Home

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Today I’m going to talk about something that might sound very basic to some but can give quite incredible results. We are going to take a look at how you can keep yourself fit and active from the very comforts of your room.

Yes, you read that right! We can achieve this with some simple exercises to do at home that can be followed daily and made part of your routine.
Given the current scenario, with everybody spending more time with family, working from home or simply staying indoors, keeping your body moving and getting a workout may seem challenging. But always remember- Where there is a will there is a way! All you need is to find a nice open spot in your home where you can do a quick home workout and get that
body stretched.

So let’s have a look at 5 easy exercises that you can do at home:

Surya Namaskar

Also known as ‘Sun salutation’, Surya Namaskar is a scientifically proven combination of 12 yoga poses. Each posture is known to have immense benefits ranging from strengthening your back, enhancing flexibility, improving blood circulation and promoting weight loss. If traditional forms of exercising are not your cup of tea and you are looking for a workout
that stimulates your physical and mental wellbeing then practicing Surya Namaskar is the way to go! It also gets your heart rate high and acts as a full body workout for the day.

▪ Crunches

Are you looking to build your core strength? If yes, then crunches are the perfect way to do so! It is an isolation exercise practiced in order to target and strengthen your oblique’s and abdominal muscles. There are different types of crunches but starting with regular crunches is considered the most ideal workout for beginners. It helps with strengthening your core
which is responsible for maintain good posture, flexibility and lifting heavy objects. Now, who does not want all of that? Go crunch your way through!

▪ Push-ups

For many, Push-ups can be challenging and that is why they steer clear of it. Now, let me tell you that you are not going to be able to do 100 push ups the very first time you try it. It is a form of exercise that requires patience and consistent practice as your body gradually builds resistance to it. Once you start making it a part of your routine, you will realise that a
regular push up not only tones and builds endurance but is known to activate nearly every muscle in your body. Apart from that, it also improves your posture and increases muscle definition.

▪ Burpees

If you are someone who is busy and wants to get in a quick full body workout, doing burpees is your best option. It is a dynamic movement workout that targets your overall strength and metabolism, gets your heart rate high and improves stamina. Practicing burpees on a regular transforms your body in to a fat burning machine. So, it is not just great for getting in to shape but also for conditioning and can be added to almost any form of workout.

▪ Squats

Squats and all of its variations are extremely beneficial for the entire body. It helps strengthen the leg muscles and improve your posture. Again, squats are a form of exercise that requires practice and one needs to build their resistance for it. Once your body starts getting comfortable with the number of squats you do, it is time to push yourself and upgrade. For beginners, it is advised to use a chair for support until you get used to it. Doing squats on a regular basis has immense benefits like back muscle and glute activation, heightened lower body strength, stronger joints and core.

These are all simple yet highly effective exercises that you can add to your routine in order to kick start your home workout journey. A small but important tip to get yourself motivated to workout is to ensure that the space that you choose to workout in is clean and
organised. Not only will this make you feel better but it will also help in getting your thoughts in order to workout in a peaceful frame of mind.

Do not let being indoors become an excuse to miss your workouts. Let us use this time wisely and work towards becoming fittest version of ourselves!

I’m always here to motivate you guys and I really hope you find this useful.

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