5 Eating Habits You Should Break Today

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People say you are what you eat. Hence it is of utmost importance to eat healthy food to stay healthy. Although, how you eat and when you eat also plays a vital role. Good eating habits can do a wealth of good to your body and today I’ll address just that. Below are 5 unhealthy habits you need to stop right now. Read on to find out.

Not having breakfast: This is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Skipping breakfast can have repercussions. It can result in acidity throughout the day. So eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

Eating just before bedtime: Eating right before bedtime is not conducive to your body. Give your digestive system time to digest your food. So eat your dinner 2-3 hours before you sleep.

Having a way early dinner: A huge gap between bedtime and meals can lead to cravings. This ain’t good. It is advisable to do something you can sustain. Reduce the gap and eat dinner at a balanced time.

Don’t go on a strict no-carb and no sugar diet: Stopping yourself completely never helps. Eat everything in moderation.

Not drinking enough water: Can’t press on this one enough. Set water alarms. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself to hydrate enough from time to time.

Those were the 5 habits you need to break right now. Try them and reach me with any queries.

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