5 Healthy Eating Rules I Followed in My Transformation Journey

Hello FitFam, 

I hope you guys are doing great,

Healthy eating habits not only shield you from lifestyle diseases but also let you enjoy food to the fullest. In my transformative path, I initially found it challenging to incorporate these habits, but over time they developed into a way of life.

Practice Mindful Eating: It’s crucial to pay attention to your body and recognize your hunger cues. It takes practice to eat mindfully. Try to chew each bite thoroughly, remove any distractions, and just consume food until you are satisfied.

Check on Your Sugar, Refined Oil and Salt Consumption: While being on a healthy diet, you should always aim to limit the consumption of processed foods manufactured with refined oils, added sugars, and salt. These things will help you stay more healthy.

Tackle Mindless Snacking: Generally, this occurs when you are bored, lonely, stressed out, or irritated. Consuming food mindlessly causes calories to accumulate and makes you ignore the type of food you eat or the amount of food you eat resulting in binge eating.

Never Skipping Meals and Eating on Time: If you frequently avoid meals, your hunger and desires could lead you to consume harmful items that you ordinarily would not eat. Over time, this trend could lead to a weight increase. It also lowers your metabolism, as demonstrated by science.

Monitoring your Calories: Balance your plate rather than counting calories and recording every meal. Eating shouldn’t be a difficult chore. 

Few more healthy habits I practice: 

  1. Eating Breakfast every day.
  2. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night.
  3. Choosing healthier snacks such as a piece of fruit.
  4. Making room for treats as a part of my diet.
  5. Sleeping seven to eight hours every night.
  6. Brisk walking at least 20 minutes every day. 


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