5 Processed Food I Ditched

Hi Fitfam!
I hope you all are fine, healthy, and doing great!
Everyone dreams of getting a healthy body right? We start with a bang and plan to go all out and start this journey with full enthusiasm and try to do everything at one time. Few days into this new sudden change fades away and we fail to continue it with the same intensity and motivation. We start giving into our cravings for junk food and get back to our unhealthy habits.

Remember the childhood lesson of Slow and Steady wins the race, your journey to fitness is no different.

Let me provide you a solution which worked for me and works for everyone I have advised. Start with small and incremental change towards a healthy lifestyle. Small actions when continued over time will become a part of your lifestyle.

First simple step: start with ditching these foods and instead opting for these simple substitutes will go a long way.
Here are 5 processed foods I ditched and saw an amazing transformation in achieving a fit & healthy body:

  1. Refined Sugar:

Having regular sugar seems normal the truth but it contains sulphur and can cause a lot of health issues like Cancer, Diabetes and Heart disease overtime. Excess sugar intake also hampers your weight loss journey.

Here are some alternatives which can be opted: Honey, Coconut sugar, Stevia, Dates paste and Jaggery.

  1. Bakery Items:

Most cakes, cookies, and pastries no matter how tempting they are but are unhealthy if consumed regularly. Bakery items are generally made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour, and added fats. These foods contain unhealthy trans-fats.

I would suggest having home-cooked cookies and low sugar sweets which can be prepared without refined wheat flour, Fruit cakes.

  1. Pre-packed snacks:

A bag of chips is tempting and an easy option to eat when you are having a busy day but before choosing this food option, you need to understand the harmful effects of these on your body. Most of these snacks have added sugar which is difficult to digest and added preservatives to add longer shelf life are unhealthy too.

I would suggest eating a fruit like apple or banana instead of these snacks. Having homemade chivda, Makhana, peanuts, nuts are also better options.

  1. Dessert:

Desserts make a good partner while binge watching your favorite shows but they surely don’t do any favor in your fitness journey.

If you can’t stay away from dessert, go for a healthier option such as: Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, or dark chocolate.

  1. Restaurant Food:

Zomato and Swiggy spend tons of money in marketing to make us crave and order cheesy and buttery food from restaurants.

I understand it is ok to have outside food once in a while but make sure you have controlled portion of outside food and not have more than once a week. If you have to eat outside due to some unavoidable reason opt for healthier non-fried options like Idli or salads.

Overall benefits which your body will experience if you will ditch these processed foods are:
• More energy
• Losing weight will be faster
• Skin and Hair will be healthier
• Fewer mood swings

Try to incorporate these changes in your lifestyle and share your experiences with me. Reach out to me for any question. Remember a healthy body makes our life experience much better.

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