5 Small Lifestyle Changes that Changed My Life

Hello FitFam,
Hope you are healthy and well.

Lifestyle changes can help you achieve your goals. I’m a big advocate of lifestyle changes. These are basically changes you can implement and sustain in the long run. I was obese (weighed 90kgs), battled depression & PCOD and lifestyle changes helped me overcome these problems and reach where I am today. Below are 5 changes I made. Read on to know more.

Sleeping Early: Back in the day I used to stay awake at odd hours and that impacted my health. A simple change like sleeping on time helped me a great deal! Increased Water Intake: Drinking more water throughout the day not only helps you stay hydrated but supports your bodily and cognitive functions. I did the same. Today I drink lots of water everyday.

Eating on Time: Before I did not follow a schedule. My work life was hectic and I did not focus on food. I ate very less than I eat right now, yet I gained weight. Today I eat all my meals at the same time everyday. Following a food schedule is really important.

Exercising: Be it a walk or a homeworkout, I ensure I’m active for atleast 30 minutes every day. Even when I don’t go for a run, cycle or train for triathlon, I keep myself active for atleast 30 minutes every day.

Managing Stress: This is one of the most important pointers. Stress makes everything worse. I had PCOD, depression, pimples, migrane and so much more. Stress just elevated all my problems. The moment I managed my stress through meditation and pranayama I noticed a considerable change.

These are the 5 important lifestyle changes that have brought me a long way. Do implement them.

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