6 great benefits of eating seasonal fruits and veggies.

  1.  Tasty and flavorful– seasonal produce is always tasty and packed with unique flavors. They taste better, sweeter and are fresh. When the picking of the fruit happens directly from the tree/ vine its on, when ripe, the fruit is more nutritious and healthy.

2. Cost effective– local, seasonal produce is always cheaper than imported produce for obvious reasons, transportation costs. Plus if you get the same health benefits and more nutrition why go international when you can go local. 

3. Freshness and nutritional value– seasonal fruits and veggies are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. You get to eat them closer to harvesting. Some antioxidants deplete rapidly if stored for long duration. So choose wisely.

4. Avoids overseas contamination– Hmmm! Im sure all of us are pretty worried about contamination at this point due to COVID-19. So we all have one more reason to consume local and seasonal fruits. I have seen so many people eat imported blueberries, but why do that when you can eat Jamun or Karwande? Attaching a picture below.

5. Nutritional needs are met– our body has some natural nutritional needs which are met by eating local, seasonal produce. For eg- winter veggies are supposed to be eaten cooked and hot and they provide heat whereas summer veggies cool the body down and can be eaten raw or semi cooked.

6. Support the environment– eating seasonal produce encourages local farming. This means less hot houses, less transport, less refrigeration and less irradiation of produce.

Its not really that difficult to eat local and seasonal produce. Buy your produce from small vendors instead of supermarkets. Or better plant them in your kitchen garden. 

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