A Common Fitness Challenge Faced by My Clients – Getting Enough Sleep

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When it comes to fitness you are aware that exercise and diet play a key role. Although there is another important contributor that is often neglected – Getting enough sleep. Sleep experts believe that 7.5-8 hours of sleep account for optimum sleep. That being said they also claim that this varies for different individuals. My clients find it challenging to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. This undoubtedly hampers health and takes them further away from their fitness goals.
For your exercise to manifest the right results you need to be well-rested. Below I have shed some light on how sleep deprivation has direct effects on fitness. Read on to understand.
Repair and Restoration: Sleep is the time when you recover, conserve energy, and build the muscles worked during exercise. When you are well rested the body produces the growth hormone. This hormone is responsible for stimulating cell growth, reproduction and regeneration. The growth hormone is also associated with increased metabolism. In childhood and adolescence, this hormone makes you grow. Further, as you age, this hormone helps build lean muscle and repairs the wear and tear that happens during a hard workout.
Increases Energy: Glucose and glycogen are the two main sources of energy. These are particularly important as fuel for endurance for any events beyond 90 minutes. Lack of sleep might reduce glycogen synthesis in the body.
Reduces Appetite and Hunger: Sleep deprivation affects the hormones that drive hunger. Less sleep elevates the body’s concentrations of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin and decreases the levels of the satiety hormone leptin. This has a direct effect on your diet which in turn affects your weight.
Amidst trying times especially, I have found that many of my clients face trouble sticking to a regular sleeping pattern. The lockdown has disrupted many schedules. It is important to know that sleep is vital. The sooner you come to terms with following a healthy pattern, the sooner you will witness healthy results.

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