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Making & Breaking the Rules
I had successful career as a commercial pilot till when I discovered my interest as a nutritionist. I am certified by Olympics committee as a sports nutritionist, I am a fitness coach with a degree in biotechnology and masters in nutrition, I am happy that I left my aviation career behind to follow my passion of health and fitness. With multiple specialized degrees to help people with specific issue, My aim is to help individuals to inculcate good eating habits to ensure a healthy way of life.

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As an adult I used to be obese, but I gained more weight right around the time I became a co-pilot which led me to join the gym to get in shape. After consistently working out, I realized I enjoy spending time in the gym and then I decided to help people like me who can empower themselves without becoming dependent on excessive exercise or making extreme diet changes.
I started my career few years back when I was also working on my own body. I thoroughly believe “Practice, what you preach” so I took care of myself first when I got into the shape and then took it upon myself to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for others. One of the key ideologies I believe is one doesn’t have to wait for a critical health condition to become mindful of how one treats his/her body. I believe in encouraging one to start even before it’s a life and death situation because when an individual eats right, they stay fit physically and mentally as well.
Nutrition in my opinion helps people to become fit holistically eventually, because when you look like your ideal self, you feel good as well. Things that keeps me motivated is on a day off I prefer reading, enjoying food (both cooking and eating). I am a true wanderer at heart as I love trekking and I make sure that I find time from my busy schedule to travel at least twice a year to explore new places. Current clientele also includes: Celebrities, Sports persons and Bureaucrats