About My Training for Ironman During Periods

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Hope you all are doing well.
Today I am going to shed some light on how I kept up with my Ironman 2021 training while on periods. I would begin by stating that training for Ironman doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process. Don’t underrate the power of the body, it is quite intelligent. Give your body the time to develop a habit and your body will adapt to it eventually. Besides, it is the mind that isn’t accustomed to change. The regime I followed was challenging but it is about giving yourself time for the right habits to set in. That being said, I also altered my activities, while on periods. Here is what my pursuit looked like:
Running or Cycling: While on my period, I avoid swimming and rather opt for running or cycling. As opposed to running, cycling is a preferred option since it has the least impact on period cramps. Also while on periods you must indulge in some form of exercise. So cycling covers up for all the activity I require during periods.
Stretching and Yoga: My cycling sessions are followed by stretching and Yoga. Both these activities help me feel rejuvenated. They aid mobility and have the least impact on my period.
Adequate Nutrition: This one goes without saying. Intake of adequate nutrition is essential for a cramp-free period. As I have mentioned time and again, each individual is different and so is their nutritional requirement. You need to customise your diet as per your body needs so you consume just what you need.
The aforementioned pointers sum up my training during periods. Being mindful of my body, I take the necessary measures to ensure safe and healthy training. I hope you too can apply some of these ideas in your fitness journey and make the most of them.

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