Are your hormones hindering your weight loss?

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A common buzzword ‘Hormonal Imbalance’ is often associated with many health troubles. Deciphering this one is indeed a task. Some even wonder whether it is hormonal imbalances that are making their weight loss plateau. And if you also have this query, this blog will help you analyze your routine and find out if that is the real culprit for you.

Weight loss is a result of many elements coming together. Adequate nutrition, sleep, exercise etc. To begin with pick up every contributor in your weight loss routine. A prime parameter being your diet. Is your diet on point? Are you slacking? Are your portion sizes adequate? Does your diet include adequate protein?

Further, check your hydration level. Being hydrated is key to good health. So drink enough water every day.

Exercise is another important contributor. Are you exercising at least 5-6 times a week? Is your workout effective?

Another common deterrent is stress. Check your stress levels. What makes you anxious? How often are you stressed or worried throughout the day?

Examine these basic parameters. Make sure they are all in place. If you still feel all of them are absolutely right, then hormonal imbalances can be the cause of no weight loss. And now if you know that it’s hormonal imbalances hindering your weight loss and are wondering what can you do about it? I am going to cover the same in my next blog. So stay tuned for more.


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