Can You Have Tea or Coffee While on a Diet?

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Many love their cup of tea or coffee and when on a diet do not want to give it up but fear that they may have to. Today’s blog helps you get a definite answer. Can you have tea or coffee when on a diet? Let’s find out.

Yes, you can have tea or coffee! Firstly, if you like drinking tea or coffee and restrict yourself, then your body may want it more. Secondly and most importantly, any diet you follow should be sustainable. If you like drinking tea or coffee and you totally cut it out, you may lose a few pounds at first. Although, you won’t be able to follow this for long and as soon as you start drinking tea or coffee again you may gain the weight back. Hence this is not a long-term approach. 

In my transformation program, I let my clients drink tea or coffee if they like the same because it doesn’t make much of a difference. Also, when on a diet if you still eat what you like then the transformation becomes much more enjoyable. And I let my clients have a happy transformation. 

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