Common Reasons for Weight Gain

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Hope you are keeping well.

Weight gain, weight gain, weight gain, that’s all I hear many people complain about. The reason people start exercising or looking after their health today is so that they can lose this weight. In this blog, I’m going to address some of the common causes of weight gain. This will help you get a better perspective and make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Read on to find out.

It’s All About Exercise Not Food: Many people believe that because they exercise they have the liberty to eat whatever they like. This is certainly not true. Your diet has a huge impact on your body, and only exercise isn’t enough. It’s exercise + a healthy diet that will help you yield positive results. Steer clear of eating junk and untimely meals. Eat balanced meals and follow a healthy pattern to witness results.

Thirst or Hunger: The centre for thirst and hunger in the brain are adjacent. This sometimes makes people mistake thirst for hunger. The result of which is extra calorie intake and untimely meals. It’s important to keep your body hydrated. Drink enough water and drink it from time to time to quench your thirst.

Those are two common reasons for weight gain. Spot them in your lifestyle and make appropriate changes. It will surely help you out.


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