Dietary and Exercise Tips for Pregnant Women

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The prenatal journey isn’t an easy one. Fatigue, morning sickness, back pain, etc there is so much a woman’s body is subjected to. This makes it difficult to speculate the right food and exercises that will work in your favour. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is essential to ensure easy labour, postpartum weight loss, and stay energetic.

Many family members advise women to live a sedentary lifestyle. This is certainly not the right approach, your body needs physical activity and good food. To help you out, I have mentioned 3 basic tips below. Read on to enlighten yourself.

Load Up on Iron: ​During pregnancy,​ ​your body needs twice the amount of iron a non-pregnant woman needs. This stems from the need for more blood to supply oxygen for the baby. Iron is used to make hemoglobin, a protein in the red blood cells that transports oxygen to tissues. It is hence vital to supplement your body with enough iron so that you are not deficient in it. Fill up your plate with greens like spinach, kale, and broccoli. You can also have iron supplements every day. Consult your gynecologist for the same.

Exercise: ​Leading a sedentary lifestyle isn’t the right resort. Always choose to lead an active one. Although, you need to be vigilant. Keep YouTube videos at bay and consult an expert to understand the physical activities you can indulge in. You can go to a prenatal trainer who will help you understand what to pursue. Prenatal yoga, prenatal pilates, or lifting weights are some of the exercises you can choose. While lifting weights is safe, do have someone by your side to spot you. A spotter or trainer either can help you maintain the right posture.

Hydrate Yourself:​ This is the thumb rule. To maintain good health it is necessary to always keep yourself hydrated. One glass of water every hour can be good enough. To ensure you do not miss drinking water, set alarms, and place water bottles in every nook and corner. Having water around your gaze will act as a reminder and come in handy in helping you consume a lot of it.

These three easy tips can do a wealth of good to your health. They are easy to follow and enable a healthy prenatal journey. Do make the most of them and share the good word. Here is to a healthy and safe time with your little one!



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