Do You Have Poor Gut Health

Hi Fitfam,

I hope you guys are healthy and fine. 

Today we are going to discuss gut health. When your gut is working correctly, there is a healthy balance of bacteria that helps your body process and obtain energy from the foods you eat, clear toxins, fight disease, and improve your mood but when our gut health is poor we face a lot of issues. Let’s discuss it. 

What are the signs of an unhealthy gut?

1)Upset stomach

2)Constant fatigue

3)Trouble sleeping in general 

4)Extreme food cravings (especially sugar)

5)Unintentional weight gain or weight loss


What can you do to improve it?

1)Limit processed foods and sugar

2)Avoid or quit smoking

3)Reduce stress

4)Get enough sleep

5)Exercise regularly


A fact to note:

Your gut health may differ from someone else’s. It’s only alarming when something deviates from what you know to be customary for you, such as when you observe accidental weight loss, blood in your stools, or changes in your usual bowel patterns, that is when you should be concerned and take necessary action. 



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