Eating Healthy Yet Gaining Weight?

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Hope you’re doing well. 

Eating Healthy Yet Gaining Weight? This has been quite a problem for many. A lot of factors can contribute to unintentional weight gain among individuals who believe they’re eating wholesome foods. It’s not just what you eat, but how much, and when you eat that has a role to play. Even the amount of sleep you get each night can affect your weight.

So let’s find out what can you do better. 

Don’t Rush and Skip Meals: Rushing through meals can make you eat more than necessary. Chew slowly and drink water between bites to slow down your pace of eating. 

Also don’t skip meals! People who skip breakfast are far more overweight than those who miss this important meal. 

Food Quantity Matters: Just because something is healthy you shouldn’t eat unhealthy amounts of it. Watch your portion, and regulate it. Examine the quantity of healthy food you are consuming and the ratio of liquid versus whole food. Note what you’re eating every few weeks. 

Keep Your Metabolism Moving: You need about an hour of exercise daily, even if you eat healthily. This doesn’t have to be high-intensity workouts, a walk can be good too. 

Seek Hormonal Balances: Sometimes our body works against us despite our best efforts. Hormonal imbalances make it difficult to lose weight and in some cases can cause you to add more pounds. If you have a family or personal history of endocrine problems consider checking with your doctor if your hormones are balanced. 

Check your Gut: Consume pre and probiotics to keep the right kind of gut bacteria to help your metabolism and overall health. 

Get Enough Sleep: Studies have shown that those who do not feel well rested after sleep crave for carbohydrate-rich food and may have altered hormones that can increase blood pressure, glucose, and weight. 

Along with eating healthy keep these in check. Joining my transformation program will also be of great help. Feel free to reach out to me with any queries. 


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