How I switched from Dieting to Eating What I want

Hello FitFam, 

I hope you are all fine and doing well, 

We all love eating what we want. Don’t we? After enough dieting I switched to eating my choicest meals. So how did I do that? Read on to find out. 

I Allowed Myself to Mess Up: Sounds weird, but true. Even though I’m diet conscious, I never starve myself. Not even on the days that I mess up and eat something unhealthy. It is normal to get hungry and crave some delicious yet unhealthy foods. Everyone does it!

Quit Diet Culture and Fueling My Body Properly: The first step was to unfollow social media diet-y accounts. To change my mentality, I surrounded myself with non-dieticians and surrendered my diet books. I let go of all my diet tools to forget my diet mindset. 

Implementing Gentle Nutrition: This is the intersection of our needs and wants and nutrition knowledge. This sort of intuitive eating takes both our primal desires and nutrition information into consideration. 

Respecting My Body and Joyful Eating: We all need to accept ourselves, our body form, and our size, we don’t need to modify it all the time. Everything changes throughout the period and our bodies change as well. Set a normal weight and know that it will change overtime. 

Those are ways in which I switched from a diet to eating my food. Do try it out!

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