Exercises You Can Do During Periods

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Today’s blog is for all the lovely women out there who constantly battle with ‘that time of the month’. It’s a period that is painful and uneasy. Many are sceptical about working out during periods. The good news is workouts can alleviate your worries. Although, you do need to watch your intensity. If you have period cramps, it is advisable to indulge in low-intensity activities. Walking or doing Yoga can be of great help. Exercise releases endorphins that in turn enhance your mood and conceal the period troubles. Whatever exercise you do, steer away from inverted poses. While on your period you shouldn’t be upside down.

So what are the helpful exercises during periods? To help you out, I have listed 3 easy asanas that can come a long way in your journey. Keep reading to enlighten yourself.

Yoga asanas for periods

Ananda Balasana:​ Also known as the happy baby pose, this positive pose acts as an effective remedy during the menstrual cycle. It has the innate ability to pacify the mind and de-stress the body. Further, it strengthens the arms, legs and back and stretches the inner groin and spine. You can consider doing this once every day for 30 seconds.

Baddakonasana​: This asana improves general circulation as it stimulates the heart. It stretches the muscles of the groin, thighs and knees. Practising this asana daily is associated with alleviating symptoms of stress, mild depression, menstruation and menopause.

Shashankasana:​ The ‘Hare Pose’ resembles a hare in the final position. Shashankasana helps relieve depression and gives a good upper body stretch. It aids the pelvic muscles and alleviates sciatic pain. It is an easy pose and can be performed by one and all regardless of age.

Foods that alleviate period pain
Milk with turmeric: 
​Mix some turmeric in warm milk, add jaggery or honey as per taste and

consume half or a full cup twice a day.

Black pepper and ginger tea:​ Consuming black tea with pepper and ginger can be an effective remedy to mitigate the pain you feel in the pelvic area.

Jeera tea or coriander tea:​ Both these herbs help combat bloating that further helps reduce period cramps.

It is safe to exercise during periods, and doing so will only help you feel better. Consider trying the suggested asanas and food remedies. These easy tips are sure of great value!

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