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Craving specific foods? Get to know what your craving is telling you. 

Many of us have cravings and sometimes it gets so out of hand that we end up eating the foods that we shouldn’t. Regret kicks in later and we feel guilty about it and punish ourselves. Now, this punishment can come in the form of long exercise sessions or starvation. 

Let me tell you an interesting fact. Guilt and remorse make you fat. Yes, you read that right. Fear/ guilt/ remorse= fat storage. This is a proven study.

So, how do we solve this issue?

It pretty simple. Just identify and decipher your craving.

Here are types of cravings, what they mean and also a few tips on what to do when you have them.

  1. Associative cravings– these cravings kick in when you associate a specific food to a situation. Examples of such cravings are samosas or bhajiyas in rainy weather, fast-food4 on weekends, drinks with french fries, post meal dessert, colas or sodas on a hot day. 

How to manage these cravings– identify them and try to switch to healthier options like home baked chips, makhana, a piece of jaggery, lemonade etc. another thing that helps is portion control so have only half of what you crave.

Tip– do not over exercise or stay hungry to compensate for eating. It never works. Hydrate, get some fresh air and start the next day with focus. 

2. Emotional cravings– have you ever heard of the word “comfort foods” this word itself describes emotional cravings. Such cravings can occur at any time. You can get these cravings when you’re sad, happy, lonely, joyous, angry etc. 

How to manage these cravings– do not give into these always. Talk to someone. If you talk your feelings and empty your mind you won’t be longing for a support (in this case food)

3. Nutrient deficiency cravings– if your body is deficient is certain nutrients, cravings kick in to provide your body of what it is depleted. These cravings generally occur at a specific time during the day. It can be immediately after a meal or a few hours post a meal or most of the times at midnight. So that is your identifying point. 

How to manage these cravings– sleep for 8 hours. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day. Eat more whole grains and complex carbs. 

Tip– if you sleep early, the midnight cravings will not occur. Similarly, if you eat enough protein and complex carbs in your meals you won’t get hungry and hence you won’t crave.

4. Boredom cravings– this happens when we do not have anything productive to do or we are bored so your mind takes you to your food ordering app or unknowingly you’ve walked into the kitchen and opened the cabinet or the fridge. Lol. 

How to manage these cravings– drink water before and after a meal. Drink water as soon as you wake up. Eat a salad in your main meals. Add an adequate amount of protein to every meal. 

I hope this helps you all. Kindly comment if you need any help deciphering your craving. Also comment if you’ve liked the post. 

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