Here is Why Everyone Has Different Vitamin Requirements

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Hope you all had a happy new year!

In the new year, let’s address an important subject – vitamins.

Vitamins are organic compounds that the human body requires for growth and development. The body needs small quantities of vitamins that are derived from food or supplements because the body cannot produce enough or produces just a little.

Every person is different, just like their fingerprints and hence nutritional requirements vary from person to person. Hence to meet your nutritional needs, choosing diets that another person follows is not the right thing to do. You need to identify your specialty and feed yourself only what will add value to your being. 

While it has been established that each one is unique, I am here to further shed some light on the exact reasons why each of us need different vitamins. Read on to acquaint yourself with the reasons.

Bodily needs: Every body being unique in its own right has different needs. Some derive higher nutrition from plant-based food while some from meat. People coming from different walks of life, thriving in various environmental set-ups, breathing varying qualities of air are each exposed to varied circumstances. Our body demands based on what it needs which is again a result of what it has been put through. Since the living conditions are different for each individual the nutritional needs differ as well.

Deficiencies: Allergies and deficiencies are an inevitable part of human beings. Some have many, some have few. While one might be deficient in vitamin c or d, another might be deficient in calcium. While someone might be allergic to dust, someone might be allergic to pollen. Each of these deficiencies seeks individual treatment that is unlike any other and hence should be given its due rightfully. 

Health conditions: Any health condition such as dull skin, hair fall, constipation, wounds, brittle bones, etc need specialized care. In such times, supplementing your body with nutrition is what leads to healing. But what you should be mindful of is every condition demands a different set of nutrients. While some of these conditions are healed quickly, some are chronic, so whatever you choose to consume should be aligned with what your body needs. 

Certain micro-nutrients that don’t suit your body can be a threat to it. Although, water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C, B, and E act as exceptions and work well for most individuals. Consuming anything apart from these requires an expert opinion. Consult a nutritionist or doctor who can understand your body and recommend micro-nutrients that do a wealth of good to your health. So kickstart your nutrition game with the right knowledge and guidance. May 2021 be a year of maximum nourishment with the best nutrition! 



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