How Do I Keep Up with My Regular Exercise During Periods?

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are keeping well. 

Every girl dreads these few days of the month. Our menstrual cycle can bring about quite a stir in our daily activities. I too struggle with the same but manage to keep up with my exercise routine. So what do I do exactly? Let’s find out.

The first two days of my cycle are difficult, hence I reduce the intensity of the workout. It is advisable to indulge in light exercises like walking, yoga or cycling. I don’t stop working out when I’m on my period because that usually gives me cramps or increases my cramps.  

I listen to my body and don’t indulge in high-intensity workouts such as weight training or going for a long run. If you have cramps you can also try some Yoga asanas that are known to relieve pain. 

I also drink turmeric milk while on my period. This helps reduce my period cramps without taking a painkiller. 

That’s how I get through periods! Listen to your body and take good care of it through it all.


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