How I Beat My Craving for Unhealthy Food?

Hello FitFam,

Hope you all are having a pleasant Sunday.

Today’s blog is a bit personal. I’m going to shed some light on how I manage my craving for unhealthy/junk food. Yes, I’m a Nutritionist but I’m human and that certainly makes me crave unhealthy food. My cravings surge, especially around my periods. Now to fight my cravings healthily, I don’t completely restrict myself. I do give in and relish some of the tasty treats. Although I have some ways to do this. And this blog will help you understand just that. Read on to find out.

Practice Moderation: Yes, that is the key. Completely stopping yourself from eating something is never the solution. Eat in moderation. I do the same by sharing my desserts, eating a small burger or a few fries. Also, I substitute these for my smaller meals so I don’t ingest extra calories.

Do not punish myself: There are many who after eating something unhealthy punish themselves by exercising harder. This ain’t good. It is of utmost importance that you cultivate a healthy relationship with your body. Love your body and while you do exercise, do it with a positive mindset with love and throughout listen to your body.

Those are the two easy tricks I follow to fight my cravings. Try them out and do tell me how they work out for you.


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