How I Began My Journey Of Self-Transformation

Hello FitFam!

Hope you all are doing well today.

After posting so much about different ways to be healthy and regularly updating you guys with tips and tricks to stay motivated, I thought it was only fitting for me to share some of my personal experiences with you.

Yes, I am finally sharing my fitness transformation journey with you guys!

While I am still on that journey, I would love to share some of my take-aways and how I personally overcame certain challenges, which I’m sure can help you guys as well.

So let’s get started!

Let me begin with the fact that I did not always have the right perception towards my body. In fact, there were days when I would get totally fed up looking at my weight and it literally felt like nothing would ever change. All this disappointment had resulted in me feeling ashamed about my body.

No tricks in the books or body positivity quotes had managed to work for me and trust me, I had tried it all.

After what felt like an endless cycle of days, I finally decided that I had to take charge. I was done feeling sorry for myself and was ready to do something about it. I decided that the first thing to do to begin my self-love journey would be to lose the extra weight.

And let me tell you, the process was not an easy one to begin with. There were days when I did not feel motivated at all and wondered why I had started in the first place. But it was during these lows that I pushed myself and kept going because I knew I simply had to achieve my goal.

Here are some pictures from my early days of transformation: Apart from really wanting to achieve my goals, there are a few other things that helped me stay motivated throughout this journey. I hope that these tips can help you in some way on your journey as well.

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