How I Help My Clients Achieve Their Goals?

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How do I help my clients achieve their goals? This is a question I am asked often. So today I’m going to spill some of my secrets. The healthy ways I follow to help everyone live a healthy life. I have clients who have wide-ranging goals such as fat loss, muscle gain, curing lifestyle diseases like PCOD, PCOS, diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, IBS, gut dysbiosis etc. I assist clients who face any trouble. With experience I believe, food is medicine and can heal everyone. So the right diet can come a long way.

A client joins the transformation program by paying the fees. They then get in touch with me or my team and we have a detailed consultation call. Here all client details such as goals, medical history, food allergies, food preferences are noted. We then create a plan that is 100% personalised. Whether you are a vegetarian or live in the US with no access to Indian food. We consider your situation and choices and draft a plan accordingly. It’s not only an Indian diet, our plans are all-inclusive. I have clients of different nationalities from across the globe. They each receive a customized diet. Post this, a weekly diet is sent on my app. This app is a user-friendly platform where people can update their pictures, weight and other measurements. This helps us track your progress and update your plan accordingly within a week or two. Through it all, we are constantly supporting you and answering queries via the app, WhatsApp or elsewhere. We help you have a healthy 3-6 months, and regardless of your goal, you go back with a bullet-proof immune system.

That is how I help my clients achieve their goals. Do you want to meet your goals too? Join my program and get ready for the best.


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