How I Maintained My Skin and Hair Health During Ironman Training

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Training for IRONMAN is challenging. It calls for early mornings, constant activities and a nutritious diet. This weighty process can certainly take a toll on your skin and hair health. It is hence necessary to take adequate precautions to curb the effects. Through my training, I was mindful of my skin and hair needs and made sure to keep them intact. Following essential measures can come a long way. Today I am here to spill the skin and hair hacks. Read on to acquaint yourself and chose what works for you.
Moisturizers and Creams: Usage of hydrating moisturizers and creams is one of the important steps to skincare. Throughout the course of my training, I used sunscreen every time I stepped out. Before taking a dip into the pool I moisturized my skin with pre-swim chlorine protection and closed my swim session with a post-swim screen. My haircare routine also included using the Dot & Key hair sunscreen that works just well for me and protects my hair.
Oiling: This age-old time-tested remedy yields many benefits. Oiling adds nutrients to your hair follicles and scalp. It helps reduce frizziness, nourishes the hair roots and keeps hair soft and hydrated. Especially the usage of certain essential oils help remedy hair issues. I oiled my hair at least 2-3 times a week and that helped replenish my hair health.
The aforementioned measures are helpful and can certainly aid better skin and hair health. If you are too are undertaking heavy training, it is advisable you follow these measures. Adequate precaution will shield your skin and hair from the long term effects of pollution, sun and stress. Here’s to healthy hair and skin!


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