How Sleep Supports Weight Loss

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Today I am going to address a lesser-known fact that plays a key role in weight loss and i.e. sleep. Though many of the weight loss programs focus on diet and exercise, quality and quantity sleep too helps regulate weight. Many studies have linked chronic sleep deprivation to an increased body mass index (BMI). Another study amongst adults aged 67-99 revealed that individuals who slept for 5 hours or less are three times more likely to develop obesity than those who get adequate sleep.

Less sleep also stimulates a cortisol (stress hormone) spike. This hormone enables your body to store energy to fuel your waking hours. This makes your body apt to hang on to fat. Sleeping too little also promotes an increase in appetite so you consume bigger portions of meals which in turn encourages weight gain. Hence getting adequate sleep is vital. That is when your body has no stress and is being restored. It’s when you sleep that you lose most of the weight. So to sleep your way to a healthy life, you must set a sleep schedule and adhere to it.

The recommended number of hours of sleep is 6-8 hours (varies from person to person). Besides, the sleep one gets between 10 pm to 2 am is of utmost importance. This is when most of the activities happen and your body is brought back to restoration. That being said, sleeping early can indeed help your body manage its weight well. Also when you are ready for bed, switch off the light and put all your worries away. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep because that is very important for your good health and nothing should come in the way of that.


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