How to Have Some Healthy Fun on Weekends and Not Ruin Your Progress

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One query I am often subjected to is how to navigate through a party weekend without hampering my fitness progress? Many of my clients are quite ecstatic for the weekend but what accompanies this excitement is the worry that it can ruin their fitness goals. Going out for a drink or two on a weekend is the norm. After all, we all deserve to let loose and unwind after a long work week. To help you avoid regressing, I have two easy tips which if followed rightfully can keep your progress intact. So while you do follow your weekend rituals and party till the
sun dawns, make sure you adhere to the following.

Hydrate Yourself: On days you are going to be drinking in the evening or at night, begin hydrating yourself in the morning. Continue drinking enough water throughout the day to ensure you are hydrated. Another factor is drinking 1 litre of water before going to bed. This is of utmost importance hence drink lots of water right before you sleep.

Eat at Home: If you are going to be drinking out you should eat dinner at home. Make it an early dinner. This will help you feel less dehydrated and will keep you from munching any starters or fried food items that your family or friends are having while drinking.

These two tips, if followed on your party nights, can do your body a huge favour. Cutting drinks completely and staying indoors rather than partying out are certainly not your solution. So have some fun on your weekends but watch your moves to make it healthy fun with no repercussions.


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