How to motivate yourself to workout : 7 Tips to get moving

Hi FitFam! Today’s blog is really interesting. We all sometimes feel very bored to work out (including me). So here are quick, easy and foolproof ways to find motivation to get moving. Trust me I have used each one of them successfully. Let’s dive right in without further ado.

  1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER– I know you’ve heard enough of this one and you might think it isn’t related to working out, but, it is. Water hydrates you and in turn makes you energetic. Get a glass full of water before working out and see the difference. You won’t even notice when your workout is finished. 
  2. GET 7 HOURS OF SLEEP– this is really important as your sleep decides your energy levels throughout the day and also during the workout. So sleep for 7 hours, not less, not more. 
  3. WORKOUT AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY– this is really important as your body responds very well to a schedule. If you workout at the same time every day you won’t feel lazy or tired to start your workout.
  4. EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT– when you eat something, your blood sugar levels go high, which in turn makes you feel energetic. Also, you will finish your workout with energy which won’t give you that burned out feeling and you will be ready for the next days workout without getting tired. 
  5. EAT SOMETHING AFTER YOUR WORKOUT– your muscles work hard during your workout. So, it’s your duty to give your body protein rich food post workout. This will help in building muscles which will provide you with strength. 
  6. STICK TO YOUR EATING PLAN– personally this one is my favorite. Whenever I have cheated on my diet or eaten something I shouldn’t have eaten I have always missed a workout that day. If you stick to your eating plan your mind knows you are working hard and it motivates you to get results of your hard work and this in turn makes you work out. Its psychological but also game changing. 
  7. ALWAYS HAVE SHORT TERM GOALS– whenever we start with big goals, our mind starts questioning our decision and doubts creep in. if we set short term goals for ourselves like losing 2 kgs., or running for 1 km etc. our mind knows its achievable and you reach your goal faster. This in turn increases your self-confidence and you don’t give up on your fitness goals this way. 

Thank you all for reading. Hope you feel motivated to work out everyday.

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