How to Recover from Diwali Binge Eating and Celebrations?

Hello FitFam,

Hope you all are healthy & happy.

The festive season is on, and a common concern now is what about my fitness progress? So if you have been slacking the past few days, this blog is all you need to get back on track. Today, I will help you with tips that will help you recover from binge eating and fun. Read on to find out.

Get Back on Track: The first step is to motivate yourself and get back on track. Prepare your mind to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Start Exercising: Exercise has a positive impact on the body. Even 30 minutes of it can make a world of a difference. So get up and get started. Choose whichever form of exercise that suits you best. Walk, run, jog, dance etc.

Hydrate: It’s of utmost importance to keep the body hydrated. So drink lots of water every day.  Also, eat hydrating foods like salads & fruits. Don’t let salads or fruits make up for your whole meal but eat it as an addition to your meal.

Sleep Early: Your sleeping pattern has a huge impact on your recovery. It is advisable to sleep early as this helps you recover better and makes your hormones come back in sync.

Eat Your Vitamins: Micronutrients such as vitamins support your body and help you recover. Every day supplement your body with vitamin C, E & B complex.

Those were the tips you need to follow to recover sooner. Believe you can do it, and you are halfway there. So get started now.


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