Increasing the health quotient of your modaks this festive season

With the Ganesha Chaturthi on the verge of arriving, here are a few tips to make your modaks healthy and guilt free.

So basically a modak is a sweet preparation which includes a cover and a filling. Now, there are so many ways you can cook a modak most common ones include frying and steaming. The fillings are the versatile part of the modak and the number of variations we have in the fillings is overwhelming. So, lets jump right into the details of how you can make your modaks healthy.

1.) Make them at home rather than buying your modaks from stores making them at home will instantly increase the health quotient of your modaks because of the quality ingredients used. You don’t know what kind of ingredients the store bought modaks are made of. There are a ton of recipes you can find on the net which will help. Also, making them in a smaller size is a good way to go if you are conscious about your weight.

2.) Substitutes for sugar – since we all know that modaks are a sweet treat and that sugar is not healthy, here are a few substitutes you can use for sugar date syrup, jaggery, stevia, honey. Consistencies for these ingredients are different so adjust the other ingredients accordingly.

3.) Cover of the modak- another way to make Modaks healthy is choosing the ingredients you’re going to make the cover of the modaks from. Here are the options you can choose from most healthy to least healthy wheat, rice flour, maida.

4.) Filling- Another area you can tweak in your modak to make it more healthy is the filling. Skip sugar and add lots of dates, coconut, khuskhus (poppy seeds), dry fruits, cardamom powder or any other flavouring you like for the traditional style modaks. The mixture of all these ingredients reduces the GI of modaks and hence are added to the recipe. These date modaks are great for diabetic people, but remember, eating in moderation is key here.

Now, if you want your filling to be more modern or experimental you can choose things like dark chocolate or cocoa powder. Both these options are healthy and will add an exotic flavour to your modaks.

For folks who like the taste of paan, you can choose a paan filling with beetle leaves, gulkand and dry fruits. This can also act as a good digestive post a heavy meal this festive season.

5.) Style of cooking the style of cooking your modaks can make a huge difference in deciding the health quotient of your modak. Steamed is the best way to go. And, if your ukdiche modak are made from rice flour make sure to add a tea spoon of ghee on hot modaks before serving to make them even more healthy as ghee will again cut the GI of rice flour and will be easy on the tummy.

I hope these tips help you stay healthy, fit and fine. Wish you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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