Irregular Periods? Tips to Prevent it

Hello FitFam,
Hope you are keeping well.

Living a fast-paced life, many women have compromised health conditions. A common one is irregular periods. Being underweight, overweight, medication, stress, inactivity, PCOD, PCOS, etc are a few reasons for irregular periods. If you too are bearing the brunt of this, this blog can help you. Below I have listed tips to help combat irregular periods. Read on to find out.

Get Some Exercise: Regardless of whether you are underweight or overweight, exercise for at least 30 minutes regularly. Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining overall good health. It promotes the release of happy hormones that helps curb cortisol (stress hormone). These 30 minutes can be anything you like, eg. walking, home workout, yoga etc. Do what suits you.

Meditation: Meditation can have a calming effect on your life. It plays a vital role in curbing stress that can support your menstrual cycle. Every day sit down for 5-10 minutes to meditate.

Yoga: It is scientifically proven that some Yoga asanas can prevent irregular periods. In an older blog, I covered yoga poses for period pain and soon I will write another blog where I talk about poses to prevent irregular periods.

So those are a few tips to help you fight irregular periods. Try them out, and do share this blog with your loved ones.


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