Is Doing the Same Workout Every Day Beneficial?

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Today I am going to address an important concern. Is it good to do the same workout every day? Some love to mix their workout – HIIT, running, swimming, etc. While some are creatures of habit. Their workouts look the same day after day, month after month. Now, what amongst this is the most beneficial? Any fitness expert will vouch for the former. It is mixing and matching different workouts that will help you reap the boons of exercise. But why? Keep reading to discover the reasons.

Routine is Comfort: The human body is a master at adaptation. If you repeat the same thing again and again the body becomes complacent. The result? You plateau. After a few months of doing the same workout, the once calorie-burning routine then becomes nothing better than an average walk. Besides, doing the same workout every day adds to the monotony. It becomes just like the same route you take to commute to and from work. The bottom line is the whole routine turns into your comfort zone and nothing good can come out of being in there. Growth begins outside it and that is why you need to challenge your body and increase the intensity to witness better results.  

Mixing and Match: To prevent plateauing and continue improving your endurance, strength, flexibility, etc you need to mix and match different workouts. You can mix up your cardio with yoga, dance fitness, swimming etc. In the same form of exercise, you can also adapt to various routines. For eg. in running there will be types of running you can practice daily. Also, increase the intensity of your workout. Calculate your maximum heart rate and try to increase it daily, so you push yourself to attain maximum results. 

What is the best time to work out?

Most commonly people believe that mornings are the best time to work out, although, this isn’t true. Morning isn’t always necessarily the best time to work out. You need to fit your workout routine into your schedule. So pick a time that suits you well. 

If you choose to run for 30 minutes in the morning but are unable to complete that routine you have lost the point. Pick a time where you can commit to what you have on your mind and do it with your mind and heart. It is only then that you will be able to reap maximum benefits from your workout! 



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