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Hi FitFam! Hope you’ll are doing fit and fine? 

The above question makes me wonder sometimes. What does fit and fine really mean? Or, remember during school days we had assignments to write informal letters? Where we used to sometimes begin our letters with,” hope you’re in the pink of health”. What does the pink of your health or fit and fine really mean then? 

Lets find out.

In this current situation you all are probably watching tons of home workout, no equipment workout blah blah blah! But have you wondered? If you are not in the right mindset, will these workouts actually work for you? 

These home workouts are generally being done so that once the lockdown is lifted, your body won’t be in a shock when you start your daily routine. 

This is the physical part of health and fitness. 

What about the mental/ mind part? Wont that be needing any strength or road map to go back to the craziness and hectic routines?

Below I am compiling for you all a daily routine which will only take 5 minutes of your time. But, it will provide you with mental strength, mental health or a refreshed mind, whatever you’d like to call it. 

Without a healthy mind a fit body is of no use. If you are physically healthy and fit and in the “pink of your health”, it won’t mean anything if you are continuously nagging at your spouse or getting annoyed by your children or just irritable for some or the other reason. 

Let me also tell you, I have personally tried this routine for 30 days. So, only after finding out that it works I’m penning down this article, for you to give it a try. Without any delay, let’s get right into the routine.


  1. When you first wake up in the morning, while still lying on your bed and your eyes still closed, imagine yourself to be in a happy and joyous mood. Picture your own self smiling and being happy. Then, you give gratitude to the universe for whatever you are thankful for. Be it the smallest of things like a glass of water or fresh home cooked meals. List the things you are thankful for and also the people you are thankful for in your mind.

An example would be, “Thank you universe, for the lovely day I am going to have ahead of me”


“I am thankful for my parents, siblings, spouse, relatives, food, water etc”

Now open your eyes and continue as you would everyday. 

  • This next thing you can do anytime but morning time is the best to do it. And it is none other than “pranayama”

        Practice the following things for 1 minute each

  • OM chanting- 1 minute
  • Anulom Vilom (link attached below)- 1 minute
  • Sitting with eyes closed- 1 minute
  • Last but not the least. When you go to bed, close your eyes. Be calm for a minute and repeat what you said when you woke up. Repeat your gratitude and thanks giving. You can also say new things, but remember to only give out gratitude and thanks. 

That’s it. Do it day after day. If you forget no problem, do it when you remember. You may also continue doing this post lockdown. It will give you only benefits. 

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Link for Anulom Vilom pranayama

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