Mind Over Matter: Fitness is All About Loving Your Body First

Hello FitFam,
Hope you all are having a safe and healthy weekend.

Today I am here to shed some light on the importance of positive thinking and acceptance. Our thoughts play a major role in the success we attain while we workout. It is all about mind over matter. Immersing yourself in affirmative thoughts can build a powerful mind-muscle connection that then yields positive results.

If you don’t love your body before you begin working out, you will find it extremely difficult to get a positive self-image, and nothing you do will ever be enough. The key to attaining all goals and enjoying your workout begins with loving your body. Loving yourself will make you cherish the little achievements and take you closer to the bigger goals that once seemed impossible. Love is the solution. Looking at exercise as a body-shaping tool and punishing yourself for what you eat is never going to bring any positive results. Accept yourself, love yourself and celebrate yourself. So how would you get there? To help you, I have mentioned three easy pointers below. Keep reading to enlighten yourself.

Mirror Talk:​ Be your own best friend. Look at yourself in a mirror and converse. Remind yourself that you are enough. Acknowledge your beauty. Having a conversation with yourself will help you accept yourself for the way you are, and that is the foundation for good health.

Be Grateful:​ Think about everything your body lets you do every day. This could be thinking, breathing, reading, writing, walking, or digesting the food you eat! These things may seem petty, but they’re important to keep you alive, happy, and healthy. Your body is amazing and can let you do a lot more than that.

Be Gentle:​ When you set goals and are unable to meet them being hard on yourself isn’t going to be of any help. Instead of punishing yourself, reinforce positive energy. Be gentle and let yourself progress one day at a time. With willpower and love, you will bear witness to positive results.

Spend your energy in the right direction. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and leave no room for negativity. Accepting yourself wholly will help you see transformations that are wonderful and nourishing. Before you launch into a workout, make sure your attitude is right. In case you are already working out, revisit your thoughts every day and follow the right ones. Here is to wishing you love and luck on your fitness journey!

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