My Go-To Post-Workout Secret Routine

Hello FitFam,
Hope you all are healthy and happy!
While workout is key, what you feed your body before and after plays a vital role too. A holistic
approach to fitness helps you max out after your sweat session. It is inevitable. The right
recovery resets your body allowing you to have an improved workout the next time. Qualitative
sessions as opposed to quantitative sessions would any day bring you closer to the finish line.
Over time, I have received a lot of queries about my post-workout secret routine. So today I am
going to let the cat out of the bag. As much as I indulge in my workout, my post-recovery
sessions are quite dear to me. Read on to know my secrets.
Get Smart About Hydration: Water plays a crucial role in our life. No wonder, we are time and
again told to deposit enough of it in the body. When it comes to working out as well, water is of
prime importance. The way I consume water is divided into 3 parts. Before, during, and after. My
weight training or cardio always precedes water at least an hour prior, so I stay hydrated and
water doesn’t act as a deterrent while I am in action. Further, while working out I hydrate myself
by having small sips of water. Alls well that ends well, hence I replenish my electrolytes later by
consuming BCAA or merely any wholesome electrolyte drink. Even mild dehydration can act as
a drawback, both mentally and physically which makes hydrating before, during, and after your
workout extremely crucial.
Fuel Up: After you’ve had good cardio compensating for the lost energy is prominent. I do the
same by eating fruit immediately after I complete my workout. Post the same follows a wait of
10-12 minutes proceeded by replenishment of proteins. This includes consumption of either of
the foods – egg, sattu ka atta diluted in water with cinnamon, or a healthy protein shake.
Feeding your body the right nutrients before and after can come a long way in your fitness
journey. I hope you seek inspiration from my routine and adopt one that works well for you!



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