My Journey from Size XL to XS

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are healthy & happy.

Today’s blog is a special one. It is about my journey from XL to XS. I grew up as an obese child and was constantly, teased and bullied. I was tired of bearing the brunt of all the negativity I was subjected to. Back then, I was also unaware of how to deal with the stress that came along with obesity.

Through all the tribulations I went through, I also suffered depression, anxiety, PCOD and so much more. The good news was through it all I did not lose hope, I persevered and was willing to try anything and everything to do away with obesity. That’s why I can say that I have tried every diet under the sun.

And then came a day when I decided to pursue nutrition. As I studied, I came to terms with many misconceptions that have been sold to us over the years. Sadly, the truth is far from it. I eventually grew curious and continued studying. I completed my master’s degree, but that was not it all. I attended many seminars and gained certifications. And after all the ups and downs, I’m finally here. My experience and knowledge about obesity and nutrition have helped me reach where I am.

A dream that I hold close to my heart is to transform lives. That is why I began my transformation journey to help people with credible nutritional advice. I do not want anyone to face what I have been through. My transformation journey hence helps my clients meet their goals with ease while they also get a glimpse of my journey.

Another learning in my journey was that short-term goals are never effective when it comes to diet or exercise. Hence set long-term goals, persevere and see the results. That’s all about my journey from XL to XS, and I hope it inspires you.


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