My PCOS Symptoms and How I Overcame Them

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are keeping well. 

Many people asked me what type of PCOS I suffered from and what were my symptoms? I was diagnosed with PCOS and had symptoms like irregular periods with very painful cramps (for which I had to take pain killers) low energy levels, insulin resistance, facial hair etc. The doctor told me to lose weight, get on birth control and then go back again when I want to conceive. I thought twice about this since I knew this would not address the root cause of the condition. So I did not take the doctor’s advice and worked on it myself through trial and error.

The foremost thing I did was to make lifestyle changes. I included anti-inflammatory foods in my diet and ate healthy home-cooked meals. This did not mean that I deprived myself of my favourite foods I did not enjoy my favourite foods from time to time in moderation. Everything I learned through this journey is a part of my transformation program. If you want to learn more and transform your body and mind contact me for details.


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