My Self-care routine

Hi Fitfam!
Hope you all are taking care of urself!!!!
COVID has taught us that challenging situations can come up anytime and it is up to us to be ready to handle them. I mean who might have thought that we all would be locked in our houses for months and working from home would become a necessity. But one thing this forced lockdown has given us is Time for ourself which most people complain of never prioritising

I am sure you all will agree that you need time for self care everyday to be with yourself, to settle all the thoughts and give your mind little rest from all the chatter.The best excuse we all used to make was “there is no time for it and someday for sure will start”.

So my dear Fitfam club now is the time to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
We all are always busy taking care of our loved ones and playing many roles in life be it as mother, father, son, daughter, friend and work designation. We forget to take care of ourselves so self-care becomes more as a necessity for a happy life.

I am sharing my self-care tips and routine which helps me to achieve a good state of mind:

  1. Set small goals and reward after achievement:
    To begin this I feel physical fitness would be one of the most crucial thing. For me, it is an essential part of my self-care routine. I love trying a new workout. I like to set small goals for myself like 6k run, yoga for 45 minutes, no junk food full day, etc. Once this miny goal is achieved I reward myself every time. It’s so crucial to appreciate every little progress you make to keep the momentum going. I feel more motivated to continue to work harder. An added benefit is clean and shiny skin, a toned body, and a healthy heart.
    I give this advice to all my clients and friends to reward yourself on every goal achievement.
  2. Nice Warm Shower routine:
    After working out giving yourself sometime to recover and taking a shower helps in that. As we work out we all sweat and so cleaning our body is so essential for physical health and hygiene. It prevents any skin allergies from occurring.
  3. Avoid Junk:
    Eating healthy food and avoiding junk forms an important part of my self-care routine. After work out and a nice shower, the best thing is to eat healthily. Healthy home-cooked food can do wonders in your weight loss journey.
  4. Enjoy a mind workout with a Good book:
    Sometimes just sitting in the balcony and reading a book for even few minutes is a soothing way to rejuvenate myself. It helps me in learning something new and always makes my mood better.
  5. Walking to calm your mind
    Sometimes we are so busy with our routine work and follow a workaholic pattern in life that it’s important to break it to enjoy life. For this, I would suggest to start going for quiet walks in nature or just in your building but with a mask. It will give you clarity and will keep you fit.
  6. Maintain a Journal:
    It is necessary to appreciate good things in life. Writing in a journal is a good way to do that. Write your goals and progress made. Review them once a week and appreciate the ones completed and plan better for the ones which are to be completed yet.

Now that I have shared my self-care routine I hope you will add the ones you need in your schedule or create new ones as per your life. Self-care is mainly doing activities and practices daily to enhance overall well being and reduce stress levels. Share with me your self-care tips and routine. I would love to read how you guys unwind.

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