Nutrition Lessons I know at 32 that I Wish I Knew Earlier

Hi FitFam, 

I hope you all are healthy and fine.

No matter what your age is, you need to eat clean. And it’s advisable to start early. So here are some of the nutrition lessons I know 

Aim for fat loss, not weight loss: The risks of chronic diseases, inflammation, and muscle mass loss can be reduced by focusing on fat loss over weight loss, and doing so can also help you maintain your weight. 

The way you feel is as important as the way you look: Instead of looking up to toxic beauty standards, love yourself for who you are and honor your body. 

If you have a goal that seems impossible, just start working towards it: It’s never too late, simply begin, and keep track of your progress. Even a little improvement counts. 

Not all diet loss advice is good advice: On the internet, there is no shortage of tips for losing weight. Even though some weight reduction advice is beneficial, the rest is dangerous and deceptive. 

Consistency is the key: Those who are finally able to lose weight and sustain it long-term have discovered the secret of consistency. 

So stay consistent, love yourself, eat clean and only follow sound advice. 


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