Nutrition Tips for Bride to Be

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are healthy and happy.

It’s the winter season and we can see wedding bells everywhere. IG stories, invitations, engagement announcements and so much more. Love is in the air. Today’s blog is specially dedicated to all the Brides to be. I know you are under stress right now and are looking for ways to get healthy glowing skin. This blog will help you achieve just that. Read on to find nutrition tips that will help you get glowing skin.

Hydrate Well: Hydration is the way to glowing skin. As a bride to be it’s important that you drink a minimum of 2.5-3 litres of water every day. This will help preserve the youthfulness of your skin. 

Green Juice: Make a smoothie with spinach and fruit and have it every day. It will help you glow your best.

Be Active: Staying active is very important to feel afresh. 30-40 minutes of activity every day will help your skin stay youthful.

Sleep Well: A bride to be has a lot of work to do. I know you have a hectic schedule but shouldn’t compromise on your sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night is important.

Those are some easy tips. Follow them and make way for healthy and glowing skin. I wish you luck with a new chapter in your life.


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