Post-Pregnancy Tips to Get Back Into Shape

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Today’s blog is dedicated to all the young mommies who are juggling a million balls. Well, life can get hard! You are sleep-deprived, going through an emotional turmoil, adapting to life, being a mom, and then coming to terms with your body. The beginning of a new life leads to inevitable expansion. While panic is your go-to, I have some good news that will help alleviate your stress.

There is beauty in this journey. Post-pregnancy weight loss can be fun and easy if done rightfully. The key is having a positive approach. The right attitude combined with healthy tips can come a long way in helping you through it. Here is some advice I give with experience and knowledge.

Break the Stigma:​ Your thoughts play a vital role. Negative ideas can do much more harm than one can speculate. Steer away from the stigma society has attached to post-pregnancy weight loss. You can lose all the weight you want and get back in the desired shape. Pregnancy doesn’t put a full-stop on your fitness journey. You can still get those abs you dream of. Break the stigma and soar ahead with a positive mindset.

Breastfeeding May Help:​ Breastfeeding can help you lose weight but this completely depends on whether you eat right. The results vary from woman to woman. Breastfeeding typically burns 500-700 calories every day. Consult your doctor to understand the number of calories you need to consume. Once you’ve identified the total amount of calories you should be eating, consider getting these from nutrient-dense foods. Whole grains, fruits, veggies, etc are some of the options.

Track Your Time:​ The ideal time to begin with your diet and exercise is after your doctor gives you clearance. This is ideally after 4 weeks although this could be longer depending on if you had a cesarean delivery or any complications. Understand your safe time and begin accordingly.

Balanced Diet:​ Your post-pregnancy diet has to be balanced so that it doesn’t hinder milk production and brings you the necessary results. Do not remove any food group from your diet. Eat nutritious food in the right proportion to ensure the nutrition reaches your child.

Weight loss post-pregnancy isn’t a nightmare. You can attain healthy results by following the right tips. Being a certified nutritionist, I am mindful of what you should do to achieve your goals. Feel free to reach me for a detailed examination. My expertise will surely be of value.



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