Protein Powder Causes Uneven Weight Gain? Fact or Myth?

Hello FitFam,
Hope you all are keeping well.

Today I’m going to address a common misconception. Does protein powder cause weight gain? Let’s look at this statement closely. Weight is divided into two parts fat and muscle. To reach a healthy weight you need to gain muscle and lose fat for which you need protein. Proteins being the building blocks of the body are responsible for muscle gain. And when you have a high muscle mass you tend to have a low-fat percentage. So yes when you ingest protein you can increase weight but remember that’s a muscle and not fat which is a good thing. Although, 1 kg of fat and muscle is very different. Your fist or mobile can look like 1 kg of muscle but 1 kg of fat is much bigger than that.

A lot of people base their fitness levels on the basis of the weighing scale and that is one of the worst determining factors. Your progress is not just based on your weighing scale measures. It’s more to do with your mass and fat ratio and how you feel holistically. So there you go, we have decoded the statement.


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