Reasons Why Every One Needs a Unique Diet Plan

Hello FitFam,
Hope you all are in good health.

Quite often I am asked to share my diet plan and I abstain from doing so. The reason being, a diet is personal. It varies from individual to individual and will certainly not provide the kind of results you seek.

Everyone is unique. Some people derive enough nutrition from plant-based food while some require meat for optimal health. Kids, teenagers, middle-aged women, senior citizens everyone has varied needs. The human body is diverse, hence what works for me certainly won’t take you closer to your goals.

To help you understand the importance of a personalized diet. I have listed some pointers below. They are the reasons why diets differ from person to person. Scroll down to have an insightful read.

Body Structure:​ Everyone has different built and genetics. The way one might respond to a certain food is not the same way everyone would. Our genes and many other environmental factors determine what we are composed of and since we each are one of a kind the same food does not support all.

Lifestyle:​ This is a key consideration that helps identify the right food for your body. Some lean towards an active lifestyle while some have limited body movements. Living in a fast-paced world there are also varying levels of stress every individual goes through. All these factors account for differences in lifestyles which in return need a unique diet plan.

Occupation:​ Many white-collar jobs call for a sedentary lifestyle, while there are many which require you to be on your toes constantly. In varying cases, there are changes in the way your body metabolizes food and also the amount of energy you use in a day.

Exercise:​ Whether you choose to workout, hit the gym, or the kind of workout routine you follow everything has an impact on your bodily needs. It determines the number of nutrients you need and what will favour you the best.

The aforementioned pointers make it quite evident that a unique diet plan is non-negotiable. While any diet plan might manifest results at the initial stages it certainly won’t work out in the longer run. In fact, it can also be detrimental to your health. Hence it is always advisable to

consult a dietician and stick to a routine that is personalized as per your needs. You are unique, there is no one like you so go treat yourself to the kind of food you deserve.



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