Recovery Days: Importance and What I Do During That Time

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Hope you all are safe and healthy.
You are always told that regular exercise is vital. But no one emphasizes the importance of recovery days. With exercise, striking the right balance is important and more isn’t always better. That being said, recovery days also called rest days are equally essential to achieve your fitness goals.
Regardless of whatever form of fitness activity or sport, you indulge in recovery days cannot be eliminated. Exercise leads to microscopic tears in your muscles. Recovery days allow the cells called fibroblasts to repair it. This helps the tissue recover and grow, resulting in stronger muscles.
Further, your muscles hold carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. Your body uses these glycogen reserves as fuel during exercise. Rest allows your body to replenish these energy stores before your next workout. Besides, recovery days also prevent muscle fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. Being overworked you are more likely to make a mistake, lose balance or fall. Recovery days curb these effects and help your body yield ideal results.
Recovery days work differently for different people. It is advisable to consult your trainer and follow a regime that helps you meet your goals. In the meantime, I am here to acquaint you with things I do and don’t do during my recovery days. Read on to find out.
No Gym No Exercise: During my recovery days which is once every week, I steer clear of all training. I choose to not hit the gym and indulge in any form of exercise.
Foam Rolling or Stretching: For recovery days with sore muscles, I choose to indulge in some foam rolling that aids flexibility, alleviates soreness and eliminates muscle knots. Besides, I also ice my sore areas or do some basic stretching. The idea is to not indulge in anything weighty.
Whether you’re a novice or an athlete, recovery days are crucial. Avoiding recovery days is only going to lead to burnout and take you further away from your goals. So to achieve the kind of success you want, make sure you strike a balance between training and rest.


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