Relax your Body with these Simple Workouts while Working from Home

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Today I want to talk about something that is very beneficial for our health and wellbeing but we often tend to overlook it.

With our busy schedules- from staring at a screen the entire day, assignments, work calls and the new member of this group- zoom calls (hello!)- We sometimes forget to tune off and focus on how important it is to truly enjoy our down time.

Thanks to the hustle culture, the word relaxation almost has a negative ring to it today.

But, it is never too late to introduce a relaxation practice in your life. It not only relieves stress and helps calm your mind, but regularly practicing these activities can have endless long term benefits like lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, better blood flow to muscles and maintaining blood sugar levels to name a few.

Are you looking for a practice that relaxes your mind and body? Read right on, I have got you covered!

Let’s have a look at some simple workout routines that can help us relax while working from home:

  • Pranayama

It is known to be one of the most effective yet underrated tools of Yoga. While we know that breathing is a major part of relaxation, Pranayama focuses on controlled breathing which can instantly calm the nervous system and activate your energy centres.

There are different types of Pranayama techniques, with Kapalbhati (Skull shining Breath) and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) being the most popular method for beginners. Practicing this daily for at least 15 minutes can uplift your mood, improve focus and increase self-awareness. Pranayama techniques and counts are easily available online and is the perfect practice for someone who is just starting out. 

There are no time constraints and it can be practiced anywhere, as long as it is a quiet space.

  • Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to bring the mind and body in to a balanced state. It is a combination of breathing exercises, meditation and asanas (postures) to encourage relaxation and reduce tension.

There are many forms of Yoga that are taught today but it is best to choose the form you are most comfortable with. Practicing Yoga as a part of your daily routine not only helps with improving your flexibility, immunity, balance and strength but can also promote your mental health by relieving stress and anxiety and allows you to have a calm mind.

Once you have started practicing Yogic asanas, you will notice how beneficial they are. The longer you hold an asana, the more effective it is on your body. The duration for which you hold an asana must be increased gradually as your practice gets stronger.

  • Walking or Running

If you are a beginner and are looking for something that is simple, quick and effective– going for a walk is your best option. Not only is it great for keeping your body active but it is incredibly refreshing to your mind as well.

It is one of the best ways to relax your body and get some fresh air. You can start with walking for 30 minutes or more. Once you are accustomed to that and want to push yourself a bit further, you can go on short runs for 15 to 20 minutes a day. This can have an immensely positive impact on your mind and wellbeing too.

It is also scientifically proven that walking helps with improving your sleep cycle, blood circulation, boosts your memory, helps lose weight and supports better joints. So, if you are looking for an easy yet effective form of workout that helps with relaxation and has immense benefits, walking or running is the best alternative.

  • Body Weight Training

This is the best form of workout for those who are looking to build their strength and endurance. Bodyweight Training involve those exercises where a person’s own weight is used as resistance against gravity.

Instead of using any machines or equipment, these exercises promote using your own body weight to increase strength, flexibility and stamina. It does not require any training gear which means that it is also easy to do anywhere, at any time. There a number of variations in bodyweight training exercise forms and some of them include squats, lunges, calf raises, push ups, triceps dips, crunches and more.

Since you can easily experiment with which form of exercise you enjoy doing more, it helps in maintaining an interesting workout routine, without getting too monotonous.

Now, an important factor to note is that- warm up and cool down exercises are required to be done, right before and after you do these workouts. You can find many videos online that can guide you through the basics. A warm up will help you improve your workout and rule out any chances of an injury. Whereas, a cool down routine will help promote recovery. They are both equally important and necessary to follow for a secure workout.

The workouts mentioned above can be immensely helpful for those who are looking to find a balance between their daily routine and activity. These workouts shall definitely motivate you to maintain a healthier lifestyle on a holistic level.

I hope this helps you understand the benefits of workouts that promote relaxation.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments section down below.

Till then, Happy Relaxing!

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