Relish Sweets and Maintain Good Health: 4 Effective Tips You Need this Diwali

Hello FitFam!
Hope you all are all set for Diwali!
The season of lights is here, a festival synonymous with fun and sweets. In fact, what is a celebration without satisfying your sweet tooth? To ensure a happy time, the right amount of indulgence is permitted. Although, for those of you who have concerns about balancing your diet during the festive season. I have got you covered. Organizing your day and smart eating is all you need to avoid the unwanted after-effects of binge eating. With my expertise on this subject, I bring to you mindful hacks you can follow for a guilt-free Diwali. Read on to know more about them.

Homemade Sweets Over Readymades:​ As opposed to anything purchased from a store it is advisable to only consume homemade sweets. This is where you are in control of the ingredients. Any readymade sweet coming from a packed container cannot be trusted. So rather than being skeptical, you should cook your own share. While you make sweets, do consider adding some desi cow ghee to them. Ghee has significant effects that aid digestion and can certainly work well in your diet.

Replace a Meal: ​The mornings are when your body has the highest metabolic rate. This is a major reason why you can replace your morning breakfast with Diwali sweets. At this time your digestive functions are the strongest and metabolism is at its peak so you can enjoy some sweet delicacies while keeping its negative health effects at bay.

Stay Hydrated:​ One thing I cannot stress about enough is the importance of staying hydrated. Every day drink enough water. Water helps flush toxins out of the body, it also increases satiety and can help boost your metabolic rate. While you indulge in sweetness, enough water in your body will support your fitness journey.

Exercise Daily:​ This is something you need to follow for your own good. Even while you are occupied in celebrations or your family is busy partying, you have to block some time from your calendar for exercise. 30-minutes a day too can be good enough. Also, when you shop or travel consider walking around and taking the stairs rather than the lift. This can make up for the time lost with less exercise.

The above tips are quite easy and if followed can save you from a lot of extra work that proceeds the festive season. So make sure you adopt each of them and continue your fitness journey without compromising much on the indulgences of the festival. Have a fit and happy Diwali!



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