Safety precautions to take while working out in gym post lockdown

Hello FitFam,
Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

Today my blog is dedicated to all those who yearn to get back to the gym. The shutting of gyms and fitness centers in the face of the covid-19 has confined many to workout at home. While the re-opening of the gyms has brought some respite many are still confounded whether they should hit the gym or continue workout from home.

So here is my opinion, all you gym enthusiasts, go ahead and hit the gym. Although, while you do that, adhere to all the protocols set by the government and be responsible in your own right.

Set rules and make sure you follow each of them. Precautionary measures are all we need to take. To help you with what you need to do, I have listed some effective tips below. Keep reading to enlighten yourself with what’s necessary.

Hand sanitization: ​Constantly keep sanitizing your hands before picking up new equipment​Use disinfectants or wipes to clean surfaces before and after you touch them. Especially, be careful about touching surfaces like locks, handles, lockers, etc that are being touched time and again. Post your entire routine wash your hands with enough soap and water to make sure you steer away from all the germs.

Wear a face mask: ​The government of India has always advised us to wear a mask and that is something you need to follow while gyming as well. Although, do not wear a mask while doing cardio and keep a safe distance from N95 masks while exercising. Wear a fabric mask while indulging in light activities or yoga.

Tie your hair: ​Keeping your hair open and working out can lead to your hair falling on your face time and again which will make you touch your face. Tie your hair in a bun or ponytail neatly so it is tucked in just rightly at all times. It will help you avoid the hassle and keep your hands away from your face.

Carry your supplies:​ Be it the water you are drinking or the napkin you use, carry your supplies, and keep away from those available at the gym. Also, gear yourself at home. It is advisable to avoid changing in locker rooms to minimize the activities you indulge in at the gym.

Avoid gyming when ill:​ If you are sick, have a cold, or cough, it is strongly advised to stay at home to ensure others safe. Get well soon and then visit the gym.

Build your immunity:​ The strength your body has on the inside plays a vital role. Take the necessary steps to build your immunity. Ensure right sleeping patterns, eat nutritious food, meditate, etc. Do everything it takes to have a healthy being because that will shield your body from illnesses.

Those are some of the points you can be mindful of before hitting the gym. We are in this together, and each of us has a vital role to play. It is our responsibility to take precautionary measures for our good and that of others. So go on and make the most of the workout session you have missed but do it in the right spirit.



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